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Recent Issues

Recent referral issues that have become more prominent in the practice include children and adolescents who have concerns regarding anxiety, adjustment to new diagnoses, pain management (including headaches and stomach aches), and stress management. 

In a recent article published in the Monitor on Psychology which is the Journal of the American Psychological Association it was noted: "Children are hurting. Stress is also taking a toll on kids.  Almost a third of children reported that in the last month they had experienced a physical health symptom often associated with stress such as headaches, stomach aches or trouble falling or staying asleep." Clay, Rebecca, Monitor on Psychology, January 2011; pp. 59-63.

Also, I have seen an increase in children and adolescents (who have symptoms of other disorders) that are actually "stressed out" and as a result can also have issues with weight management, who only participate in sedentary activities, and struggle with social acceptance.  This is particularly true for kids that are in middle school.  

Hence, the practice continues to have a "mind/body" focus and there is a new dimension on pediatric psychology which combines clinical psychology, developmental considerations, family, and health psychology which is the interaction between physical health and psychological functioning.

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