Welcome to RBSCounseling, located in Peabody, Massachusetts.
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About the Practice

 I have been practicing psychology in a variety of settings and roles for twenty-seven years.  During this time period I have also taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels and mentored other aspiring therapists/school psychologists. 

The integrated approaches that are incorporated with traditional therapy are also found in larger "mind/body" medicine clinics and in major teaching hospitals in urban settings.  These approaches include meditation, yoga, and progressive muscle relaxation.  Integrated medicine is replacing the term "complementary and alternative therapy".  It is not "one or the other" but truly an integration of modalities and techniques.  The majority of my work has been spent connecting with very challenging children and adolescents while supporting parents and working with collateral agencies or schools.

My training, education, and licenses include: 

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Master of Education in Counseling

Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in School Psychology

Clinical Training in Mind/Body Medicine - Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Education 

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Licensed School Psychologist

Clinically Certified Forensic Counselor

(Forensic Evaluation and Youthful Offender Counseling)

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